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It's Time To Awaken Both Your Sitting AND Running Meditation Practices With Our  FREE 21 Day Challenge
Increase Your Energy & Awareness
What's Inside?
  • 21 Days - 100% Free - 3 whole weeks of free challenge content designed to help you awaken your sitting and running meditation practices
  • Free Facebook Group - When you join, you'll gain access to our Facebook Support Group so you can communicate with other participants
  • Free Video Trainings - Anytime we find video is the best way to teach, we will use it so you aren't left feeling confused
  • Coaching & Support - Our facilitators and trainers will be available to provide coaching and support to you and the rest of the community during this free 21 Day Challenge
Join The 21 Day Challenge Today (It's 100% Free) 
Join The 21 Day Challenge Today (It's 100% Free) 
Become Part of a Community
 You are not alone in this journey - at least, not in your conscious state! When you sign up for the 21 Day Challenge, you'll be surrounded by a community of people who are participating just like you. 
It's Not Just About Running
The wonderful thing about learning these teachings is that you'll soon realize it's not all about running. It's about connecting the practice of mindfulness with actual exercise -- whatever that exercise may be!
Get Coaching & Support
Receive guidance and coaching while you move forward in the 21 Day Challenge, and be surrounded by other like-minded community members who will support you on this journey through your 21 Day Challenge.
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